Metal Roof Repair San Antonio

Quite simply put we are one of San Antonio’s foremost experts at both installing metal roofs and doing metal roof repair work. Our skilled technicians are masters at cutting and aligning metal roofing panels so when finished your home will have a unique look that is completely water tight. We are a San Antonio metal roof contractor that will take on any size metal roofing project as we consider no job too big or too small. That goes for new raised seam metal roof installations, re-roofing your home with an upgraded metal roof or doing a metal roof repair for you.

New Metal Roofing Installations

 ​If you are building a new home adding an awesome looking raised metal seam roof to it is an excellent choice. Most roofing materials don’t do a lot to enhance the looks of the homes they adorn but it is quite the opposite with steel roofing and other types of San Antonio metal roofing too. Raised metal seam roof panels line up perfectly and connect together in a way where there is only a single seam running from the roof peak to the roof edge. It is the type of look that will add to the beauty of any type of home design. The same skilled roof installation team that does are re-roofing projects also does our new metal roofing projects too. Each new metal roofing project we take on is done with precision and a keen attention to detail. Many Benefits That Raised Seam Metal Roofing Gives You AMAZING Aesthetics is HUGE for many of our customers. We have already briefly discussed how metal roofing will greatly enhance the looks of any San Antonio home it sits on top of. That is not just because of the unique looking way the seams run in a line from top to bottom either. Metal roofing comes in an assortment of colors to match any type of house. ​These panels also tend to stand out more than other types of roofing material because of how bright and shiny they are too. This quality tends to make them more of an asset to the way your home looks as opposed to just a necessary roofing material that is applied on top of it. Metal roof panels simply have a unique look of all their own that is a far cry from asphalt shingles and other types of composite roofing materials that are available today.

Metal Roof Repairs San Antonio

We do all types of roofing repairs and our skilled techs will have absolutely no problem doing a metal roof repair for you too. We are known as the San Antonio experts when it comes to doing metal roof repair work. It does not matter if you need a metal roof repair on a roof that we installed for you or you need a metal roof repair on a roof installed by another; we will do a great job for you on all your metal roof repair needs.

It’s true that if you own a roof made out of steel roofing materials you may never need a metal roof repair. On the other hand, big storms, unusually heavy winds and accidents can damage even the strongest roofing materials and these things are no strangers to homes in the San Antonio area. Inferior roof materials installed by others can also cause you to need a metal roof repair much sooner than you expected. We will come to your San Antonio home and do a free on-site inspection and give you a detailed estimate before we start any metal roof repair for you.

It is our job as a responsible metal roofing contractor to make sure we do as thorough a roofing inspection as possible so you get no big surprises with we hand you the final bill from your metal roof repair. A simple metal roof repair we can most likely take care of on the spot for you but any extensive repairs that need to be done will require ordering matching metal roofing materials for you. As soon as we have those we will get working on your metal roof repair so you no longer have to worry about leaks and other potential problems from an exposed roof.

If your damage is extensive enough we will cover the damaged area until the supplies arrive that are needed for your metal roof repair. Once it has been determined what exactly needs to happen for your metal roof repair to be done properly we will quickly get working on it once we have the necessary materials. Our roofing techs are more like expert craftsmen when it comes to making a metal roof repair. Before replacing any steel panel during the metal roof repair process they will first fully inspect the underlayment beneath the damaged metal panel. Damage that is somewhat hidden in your roofing underlayment can cause leaking or other problems in the future and it is imperative it be fixed before doing any other part of your metal roof repair. Our skilled roofing techs are great at spotting imperfections or damage to your underlayment and roof sheeting and correcting these to insure that once your metal roof repair is done it will be 100% watertight. One of the most difficult tasks during any metal roof repair process is getting the new panels to align right with the old ones and our techs do an excellent job of this.

They will take their time and pay attention to even the smallest of details while working. Everything will be sealed tight and special attention will be given to the seam areas where the metal roofing panels interlock together. This is how we get our metal roof repair projects to turn out great on each and every one we do. So the next time you need a metal roof repair give us a call. Our expert roofing techs will not only do a great metal roof repair job for you but our prices for metal roofing are much more affordable than you would probably think too.


​Why Choose Us To Install Your Metal Roofing in San Antonio?

We have worked very hard to build an outstanding roofing reputation in the San Antonio area. Our roofing techs are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but they also deliver the utmost in customer service at all times.

We never cut corners and we pay attention to detail on each and every roofing project we take on. That is our time tested recipe for success on each roofing project we do and it has left us with an extensive list of satisfied customers in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Over the years we have also become one of the area’s leading metal roofing specialists. You will find few roofing companies that have the knowledge and experience to take on these delicate metal roofing projects and get them to come out looking great every time like we do.

All of our work is completely satisfaction guaranteed and we are not satisfied with any type of roofing work we do until you are completely 100% satisfied with it too. ​So the next time you are ready for a new raised seam metal roof or need any type of metal roof repair, you can never go wrong by making us your metal roof contractor of choice for that roofing project.